Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) & Subsea Well Control Panel

HCS was originally commissioned to build a production HPU to support the operation of five wells from an FPSO operating in West Africa.  Six years later, following a decision to open an additional well, the client commissioned the design and build of an extension unit and also the manufacture of a bespoke TUTU.

Our site survey identified environmental challenges.   The original HPU unit, not only had to withstand climatic conditions, but its deck position, adjacent to the flare stack, exposed it to additional radiant heat from the flare.  The normal operating temperatures were continuously in excess of 50 degrees Celsius.

Hydraulic Power Unit

The Result

HCS provided a turnkey solution for this project including design, procurement, manufacture and testing prior to shipping overseas.  Subsequently in country, an HCS installation crew completed a full integration and FAT test of all equipment on the vessel.   Project completed on time and on budget for client.   Client continues to use our services to conduct essential maintenance and testing of equipment at regular intervals.

  • Zone 1 Hazardous Area
  • Gas Group II B
  • Temperature Class T3 and saliferous exposure environment
  • 5 populated well slots for controlling 10 functional hydraulics through a series of manual and solenoid operated hydraulic selector valves, regulators and needle valves
  • Comprehensive visual alarm system
  • HPU : generation
    • a raw 3,150 psig (217 barg) hydraulic supply, test lines and common return
  • Well Control Panel: generation
    • a raw 7,700 psig (531 barg) hydraulic supply, test lines and common return
  • Hydraulic accumulated storage capacity of both LP and HP pressure