Charities that HCS support.

Glenrothes HCS supports the following charities

  • Fife Gingerbread – A charity that supports families and lone parents in Fife.  They support families in poverty, build up relationships with parents to gain trust and get them involved in the community with their children to engage them in making friends, playing with other children in a safe environment.  Their link has a donate now page for anyone wishing to support them in their heat and eat appeal.
  • Andy’s Man Club – A male mental health charity which encourages men that it is ok to talk about anything getting them down when they feel depressed.  This is still something that unfortunately men do not feel comfortable with and can have devastating consequences.  The group gets together on Monday evenings and has a facebook page where they can message others for support and to talk if they need too.
Glenrothes HCS charities are as follows.

HCS Aberdeen supports the following charities

  • The Archie Foundation – to make a difference for local sick children, providing extras that are not currently catered for by the NHS.  It funds the specialist equipment and activities that make a huge difference to young patients and their families and for the NHS staff that care for them.
  • Zest – Supporting deprived families, running social clubs, developing cooking skills, and promoting healthier lifestyle.