Why choose to work with us

There are many good reasons to choose to work with HCS – here are just a few of them. Our corporate video will also give you an introduction to what we do and how we work.


Our proven track record spans over 20 years in oil & gas, so be assured our skills and engineering know-how will dependably deliver on even the most challenging project. We have an impressive track record of achievement and have supplied assets to some of the most hazardous oil and gas projects in the world.

Rospa Gold Award 2022


Our safety and quality credentials are among the highest attainable in our industry.   Our certifications include Lloyds ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007.  All work scopes can be IECEx certified if required.  We are also particularly proud to have been awarded a coveted ROSPA gold medal for the last 8 years.

Customer Commitment

We promise never to take your business for granted. As an SME we know we need to work hard to prove our capabilities and win the trust of new clients. We pride ourselves on offering genuinely good service.  Existing customers value the friendly, flexible, highly tailored service we offer.  Long-term partnerships are our goal.

Customer Commitment

Accredited FPAL Supplier

By consistently delivering client projects; on time, on budget and to full specification, HCS has earned impressive FPAL scores and earned approved supplier status on the AVLs of many international corporate clients in the oil & gas sector. For more information about our track record please get in touch.

Turnkey Service Supplier

HCS can handle the full range of asset lifecycle services – from the initial engineering design of new assets until their final decommissioning phase.  Choosing to work with us as your preferred supplier has the potential to simplify project management, improve cost controls and provide easier traceability of quality systems and processes.  We promise a ‘can do’ attitude – tell us how we can help.

Turnkey Service Supplier
Systems & Technology


HCS is committed to investment in proven technologies. Our recent investment in a fully integrated ERP system will continue to improve our own internal efficiencies and the information we can provide to clients. Connectivity via our superfast broadband will ensure problem free communication and data downloads.