Assembly & Testing Services

We make it our priority to ensure ASSEMBLY & TESTING projects integrate seamlessly with our clients’ operations.

Track Record of Achievement

In terms of delivering ASSEMBLY & TESTING services, we know our customers expect us to fully meet the needs of their respective teams including; project managers, QA/QC inspectors and technical managers.  Our track record proves we do just that.

Extensive On-site Capability

On-site purpose-built facilities enable HCS to undertake the full range of assembly & testing, modification and turnkey work scopes on site.  In-house capability also includes hydrostatic testing, hydrodynamic testing and gas testing.

Experienced Project Management

Our Aberdeen team are particularly experienced in assembly & test work scopes.  The management team has had previous experience co-ordinating full subsea Xmas tree projects on behalf of OEMs.  All on-site operations are handled by fully trained technicians.

HCS Group Backup

In the event of additional engineering back-up being required to support assembly and test projects, the resources of the wider HCS group can always be called upon to provide additional engineering back-up and ensure client projects proceed to plan.

Why HCS ranks among the most competent IWOCS TEST & ASSEMBLY service providers in the industry

  • Proven track record of achievement
  • Commitment to deliver highest standards of customer service
  • Highly experienced management & technical teams
  • Experience with Xmas trees
  • Purpose built on-site facilities
  • Specialist testing services (hydrostatic, hydrodynamic & gas)
  • Highly competitive rates
  • HCS Group infrastructure can provide technical engineering back-up if required.