HCS Partner NiTech in new Business Venture

HCS Glenrothes is very pleased to announce a new partnership with Edinburgh-based NiTech Solutions, a leading authority on continuous processing and specialists in continuous reaction and crystallisation technology.

NiTech have developed patented reactors and crystallisers transforming the manufacture of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food & drink products as well as biotechnology products. HCS will support NiTech in a venture to manufacture lab-to pilot-scaled production units and full-scale skids.

The partnership between both companies was initiated by the Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service (SMAS) who identified the ideal collaborative fit between both companies. The agreement between both companies is open-ended and covers the design services, manufacture/fabrication and testing of the reactors.

HCS was chosen to partner NiTech given a very successful track-record over the last 20 years for the design and manufacture of large-scale bespoke equipment including; IWOCS, production control systems and subsea assemblies. This collaboration will draw on the company’s proven engineering expertise in flow control, hydraulics and control systems.

HCS has ambitious plans for 2020 and beyond. Broadening the company’s portfolio into other business sectors is part of this planned growth strategy.