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Karish Field Development – 3 off 6” Well Jumper Fabrication

Project Specification

Our latest international project at HCS involved collaborating with a client on a large-scale development in Cyprus. Key elements of our detailed delivery included installing multiple control lines and EFL jumpers and installing the dropped object protection on three off Rigid Spool and Well Jumper.

The project was completed over a two month period onsite with the client in Cyprus. The project itself required various contractors to deliver services in each of their areas of specialism. The challenge was to ensure all contractors completed their scope on time to limit any delays that could impact load out.

The work scope demanded a highly collaborative working partnership between HCS and other appointed contractors and required regular communication with the client’s own internal teams.

Our Delivery

We appointed a core project team that consisted of experts from across our business but primarily from our projects, quality, and operation team.

We identified that the scope of work was to be broken down into four key areas as outlined below.

Weld procedures

The creation of new weld procedures was a priority undertaken by our welding engineer with support from our team of technicians. Each member was proficient in working with super duplex materials and the restrictions when welding said materials.

Procedures were carried onsite at the HCS facility using project-specific materials, and mechanical testing was carried out per the client specification.

Tubing installation and welding

HCS supplied all required orbital welding equipment and tube preparation equipment for the project. Due to the European location, HCS had to ensure that an additional two full spreads of equipment were on site as a backup.

Tubing was pre-bent and free-issued from the client. HCS installed eight separate lines on each Well jumper as per the client requirements identified from the project’s scope. This included the termination of all control lines to couplers installed into the UCON termination head.

The total number of Joints was 467 with a 3.8% repair rate.

EFL installation and testing

The HCS team on site were tasked with installing and testing three client issued EFLs per jumper.

Due to the experience that HCS has regarding handling and testing of these electrical parts, this scope of work was carried without delays.

The team were led by one of our experienced CompEx certified electrical technicians who completed the installation and testing as per the client’s installation procedures.

Dropped object installation

The dropped object installation was required to protect the tubing and the EFL over the full length of the riser. This included mounting plates on to the top of the riser and fixing in place via clamps to the U bolts.

The Result

The outcome of this project demonstrated that HCS’s capability in delivering quality workmanship, and showcased our quality management and project management expertise.

This project was delivered to a high standard whilst remaining on time and on budget

The topline statistics on this project for HCS included:

  • We spent a total of 3,000 labour and management hours achieving the project specification.
  • We delivered a total of 3 off-project specification welding procedures.
  • We provided a unique method statement to cover all aspects of work on site.
  • We identified minimum weld defects.