3off Umbilical Reeler Systems


CASE STUDY 10: HCS recently showcased our capabilities in innovative engineering, project management and quality to deliver 3off reeler systems simultaneously during challenging market conditions to meet our customers delivery and commercial expectations. Reeler Specification ATEX / IECEx certified Fully certified DNV frame, R45 classification MGW: 45 tonne Dimensions: 5.9m x

Karish Field Development – 3 off 6” Well Jumper Fabrication


CASE STUDY 8: Karish Field Development - 3 off 6” Well Jumper Fabrication Project Specification Our latest international project at HCS involved collaborating with a client on a large-scale development in Cyprus. Key elements of our detailed delivery included installing multiple control lines and EFL jumpers and installing the dropped object

Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) & Subsea Well Control Panel


CASE STUDY 6: Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) & Subsea Well Control Panel Case Project Specification HCS were originally commissioned to build a production HPU to operationally support five wells from an FPSO operating in West Africa. Six years later, there was a decision to add an additional well.  The client commissioned

Mozambique LNG Removable Drum Reels


CASE STUDY 4: Mozambique LNG Removable Drum Reels Project Specification At HCS, the bespoke products that we design, engineer and manufacture are delivered globally, our recent project took us to East Africa, where we delivered a project specific spooling unit to Mozambique. The project brief from our client's introduction included the

Stackable Reelers


CASE STUDY 3: Stackable Reelers Project Specification The client required six reelers which met specification of being ‘stackable’. The specific challenge of this brief highlighted that deployment would be from a platform with severe space restrictions. The engineering challenge was to minimise the on-deck footprint during operation so that we could

Electric Reelers and Patented Solutions


CASE STUDY 1: Electric Reelers and Patented Solutions Project Specification HCS offers considerable experience building variable frequency driven reelers. However, our historical projects pre-dating this have been at lower power levels. This project was unique because the umbilical specification in this project brief dictated a drive capacity of 37kW. Inverter drives