HCS can fully customise reeler specifications to your required work scope.  We can manufacture systems to accommodate umbilicals in excess of 3,000 metres which integrate multiple cores including; multiple hydraulic lines, chemical, electrical power, fibre optic and signal cores.

Umbilical Reeler
  • Drive system options include; manual, pneumatic, hydraulic or electrically powered
  • Torque limited drive to ensure umbilical is not over-tensioned
  • Emergency stops
  • Safety interlocks
  • Secondary independent braking system
  • Stab plates configuration to any interface
  • Multi-port rotary unions to facilitate live running
  • Multi-pass electrical /optical slip rings
  • Spooling / Integration Testing
  • Pressure testing/flush/FAT testing
  • SIT testing
  • Maintenance and technical support services
  • Training for client personnel
  • All manufacturing processes are accredited by Lloyds ISO 9001:2015 / OSHAS 18001:2007
  • All stages of fabrication and assembly can be carried out on site thereby ensuring full control of quality and production processes.
  • Footprint, height and weight will be fully customised to client scope
  • Production welding
  • CE compliant (including ATEX and machinery directives)
  • IECEx certification if required
  • Frame certified to DNVGL-ST-E271 and DNVGL-ST-E273
  • NORSOK compliance

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Umbilical Reeler Images